Gary Edward Geraci

Karol Quarrier

Son, inspire others; lead by example;

Amass friends whom wont betray or trample;

Mass attendance

For your soul’s ascendance:

The mind’s ascent to faith and transcendence.


Self denial, a mastery of self,

True beauty enjoy; the rest you can shelve;

Curse the devil,

Drown vice below level;

Bring, beat down dirt: every trace of evil.


Temper lust and the carnal appetite;

Bar brute temper, this thirst for blood, and fight

Right: the downtrodden

And persecuted men:

Teach credence for those led by religion.


Study valiant men, the noble saints;

Take relaxation to loosen constraints,

A holy wife,

Children; partners for life:

Will minimize the pains of strain and strife.


Boys need fathers to follow formation;

Fathers to father men of great nations;

Love courier,

Chivalrous warrior;

Stone workmen: men move rock: the quarrier.


-Gary Edward Geraci