How Did We Get This Far (Part 6)

What in hell,

is wrong with so called Christians today?

How did we get this far,

to where Christians,

are renouncing their faith?

However, it does not,

surprise me.

When one prefers,

to think of oneself,

as a Christian influencer,

a red flag automatically,

start rising.

How did we get this far,

when many Christians,

are no longer vigilent?

They do not know the Word.

Rather they put their trust,

in these twenty year old,

so called, \'Christian Influencers\'.

These are grown people,

in their forties, fifties, and sixties,

putting all their trust,

in these twenty year old pasters,

and musicians,

and people who just,

graduated college.

Because these people,

are so young,

they themselves,

do not know much about life.

They are not yet,

firmly rooted,

in their own Christian faith.

So for whatever reason,

they renounce,

Christ Jesus.

Should you had,

studied your Bible,

you would know,

that it warns us,

about such things -

about false prophets,

and false teachers.

So no,

this is nothing new.

Still, what is surprising,

is that it seems,

as though this is the new trend:

professing Christ,

serving Him,

and then renouncing Christ.

How did we get this far?

That is why,

we must be vigilent.

We must know Christ Jesus.