Another Valley

The smoke rises,

from a desolate place.

The canyons are quiet,

and yet you hear,

It\'s blood stains scream.

O\' the victims,

swallowed by the valley.

Yet still, through the valley,

is the only way to victory.

As I lead on my brown horse,

into the valley,

my soldiers valiantly follow.

As the hooves of my horse,

and feet of the soldiers,

walk over the cracked dry bones,

the walls scream out,

the smoke rises.

Yet we press forward.

No enemy,

can overtake us.

O\' the long dark valley.

You are nothing,

but a test of courage -

nothing that,

I have not seen before.

I fear no evil.

My God -

the one true God,

Comforts me.

As I came in with thirty-three men,

So did I make it out.