Prayers, Pleas, Protection

Tune: Richmond

(\'Fill thou my life, O Lord my God\')


Psalm 54 v.4

Behold, God is my helper sure

He with me evermore

And with those who uphold my soul

In Him I am helped whole


Psalm 55 v.22

Cast your burden upon the LORD

He is the living Word

He shall sustain, never let be

Righteous to be moved, see


Psalm 56 v.4

In the Lord God I His word praise

And to Him anthems raise

In God I trust, I will not fear

What man may do right here


Psalm 57 v.1

Be merciful, O God, to me

My soul trusts in you, see

In shadow of your wings I hide

Through troubles, there reside


Psalm 57 v.9-10

I shall praise you, Lord, midst peoples

For you hear all my calls

Your mercy great to the heavens

Your fount of grace opens