What\'s It Like?

I’ve been here for six months, and I’m beginning to think

That my national identity is being veered towards the brink

Eight months, I am well set to war, work and the culture and structure of a nation that is not my own

I’ve been here going on a year, I have nothing but fading memories and pictures of day to day life in my home

As my comfort with life here increases, my discomfort of not knowing life in the USA goes up as well

Uncertainty of heaven increases with my growing content in this hell.

As I board the plane home, I have to wonder aloud after a year of being my country’s spear’s pike,

In the United States of America, what’s it like?


Out of the service, and I find

Out of sync to the normal, is my mind

Been told I walk funny, called jittery for scanning rooms, my use of “sir” and “ma’am” is excessive

Friends tell me I’m too impatient, too quick to anger and my vulgarity, smoking and drinking is way too aggressive

Large crowds, packed highways, things we were told to avoid overseas in the service,

Are part of day to day life here, but they make me nervous

I have to wonder aloud as I fight just another war against mild PTSD and to live a normal life,

In the United States of America, what’s it like?