I\'ve heard a lot of people say her name,

Artists like Drake as well as Lil Wayne.

And I’ve had a lot of friends speak highly or her

It would seem like everyone feels the same way.


But the thing with me is…

How do I even say this.

Before hearing any of her songs or laying eyes

I\'ve said she\'s one of my favourites probably one of the greatest.


Only difference is now is I\'ve seen her and..

Well…… she ain\'t no J.Lo But..

I don’t know there\'s still something about her..

I’m not sure what it is but there’s something there.


I like her eyes,

I like her lips.

If all that is all hers…

then I’m feeling the hair.

You know what I don\'t care,

I don\'t even want to know why

On paper I don\'t like much about her

And yet... I think I actually love Erykah.