How does one fight against the nature of their broken body? In all battles, there is both blood and flesh; for it is against these one must fight. Can one win a fight against their own vessel? When its brokenness is its strength? It gains by its own demise. Self destruction is the ultimate goal. All of life contradicts it for it calls upon death ever so closely. Each day, an older, weaker, more brittle state approaches. Each night presents the horror of an endless dream. A dream from which you can not wake. 

An attempt to feel alive becomes the moment that the flesh refuses the soul. The only weapon against this is time; for it is a slow demolition project on the body. Paring limbs from torso and hips. Taking feet and fingers leaving behind fear in their place. 

Meanwhile, the soul feels more pain than the incessant syringes produce upon the skin. Marks on the surface leave behind the spelling of a life saving stab wound. A user for life is the sentence. Defined by the organs. 

Drugged, drowsy, drained and dwindled disease disease disease Diabetes.