Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate,

HOLLYWOOD Sixties icon,

A victim of frenzied drug fuelled hate.

Her beauty and talent catapulted her to fame,

A shy symbol of innocence and purity,

A Hollywood player in Hollywood\'s fast lane.

Married to Roman Polanski, a power couple amongst Hollywood\'s elite,

Her career developed with notable good performances in cult classics,

Sharon Tate, Texas girl had the world at her feet.

Sharon Tate, 8 1/2 months pregnant 9th August 1969 was brutally slain,

Hollywood\'s Swinging Sixties came to a bloody end,

Never would Tinseltown engage in such hedonistic frivolity again.

Sharon Tate,

Murdered by Charles Manson and his drug fuelled disciples,

An eternal light in this complex world at times tainted with hate.