Woke gastroenterologist Mary Kathleen Friedland

Prescribed blood tests

present no qualms,

unlikely nothing askew i.e.

ticking time bombs

nor prone to catastrophization,

albeit anticipatory anxiety

plus demeanor of poetically titled

medical practitioner allays, calms

alleviates agitation exhibited

by dad\'s and/or mom\'s

panic minimizes si? no sweaty palms,

nonetheless precautionary measure taken

thumbing apostle Matthew psalms

ayee feel grateful relatively

clean bill of health.


Nine thirty morning

appointment earlier today

September tenth two

thousand nineteen no way

found yours truly bright

tailed, and bush shay

eyed, cuz mine circadian rhythm

(reed sleepiness), I cannot betray,

yet medical plight concerning

bowel movement analogous to clay

stool pigeons ever ray

now and again plague me: hay

4 four at aye

oh elle dot com, alias math they

you scott harris happy as jay

bird for personable rapport

she, said practitioner did display

offering friendly feedback

proactive measures to avoid

finding mine psyche

analogously scrambled (think) souffle

even absent such agreeable

pharmacological medications keep at bay

panic stricken state

seeding additional gray

hairs (matter of fact

synthesized prescription -

pills selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)

only necessitate small copay

Medicare bonafide dogsend

whereby nurse practitioner equal

however much she doth weigh,

in salt, though an oft worn cliché

feather in her cap coup d\'éta

personable, laudable, hospitable...

winning accolades regarding

humbleness and modest stay

expertise within her craft hoop fillet

staving off general mills concerns

reason I wrote rhyme, eh somewhat passé

even Mister Ed would neigh say

so with his horse sense to stirrup

unbridled jollity - me hoof finds rein

ching words cathartic je ne sais quois


experimenting with this, that,

or t\'other typed out array,

perhaps hashtagged as tripe courtesy quay

zee poor ah shunned poet fray

ming tropes distinguished (ha)

even if garnering no pay

English language I play

juxtaposing incongruities

to tease out reactions probably lay

build rickety lettered edifices

manuscripts best sentenced to sauté

within steaming vat

fed as swill to petsmart hogs

grunting as they fertilize mulch greenway.