We arrive at the green,

The green sward

Cut within and inch of its life,

So flat, so smooth,

Deviations will not happen

As the ball travels towards the hoop.



The dream is over.

There we are on the green,

Yes, it is green

But the grass has not been cut.

The weeds push through,

Becoming obstacles to the balls.

The ball is hit with a resounding thud

But barely reaches half way,

So many lumps and bumps.

So it is hit again,

It reaches the hoop,

It is going through!

But no, the final bump pushed it passed,

Passed the hoop.


The game continues,

Overcoming the obstacles

As the teams go round the hoops.

Laughter and joy abound

As the enjoyment of the game

Can be seen on the faces of all,

Of all of us as we play,

Play and enjoy,

Enjoy the wonder,

The wonder of the game,

The game of croquet.