Guineas And Other Friends

Well, here it is again!

An Annual Small Pets Show

Not small in terms of numbers

But around 900 guinea friends

Squeak, squeak!


And other small friends too

Meeces, rats, hamsters

Gerbils, jerboas

\'Wee timorous beasties\'

Yet not so timorous...


We\'ve had mice and hamsters

As well as the current guineas....

They can be assertive

Scurrying around thier cages

Building their nests

And with sharp teeth and claws!


Ahh, I could not leave one guinea alone

In its cage at the pet shop

They may be brothers!

So I brought them both

To join an existing piggy

Who looks giant-sized now

Bigger than both new piggies put together!


Btu stay not alone too long, you guineas

Exhibited in separate cages

You need company

Friendship - don\'t we all

Human or non-human


I\'m half-human, half guinea-pig

Don\'t ya know?

Well, in my madder moments!


Aww, why you say to me......

\"That\'ll be 99% of the time then!\"