I am starring silently,
with my swollen eyes,
the way you are leaving me
Holding my tears,
Trying to be strong.


Never guessed
our encounter as an accident
assumed you as a delightful gift,
a gift of endearment.


In you I found reasons to live
Without you, it\'s not living,
just breathing.


It\'s a hard twist of my fate
our names got erased from the cards
You are abandoning the den we shared.
Not knowing what to do
Just staring at you.


Instead of me,
you preferred the solitude.
I step a side,
relinquish my grip.


Million thanks send your way
for your presence in my life,
for colouring my days,
for giving me loads of memories
to cherish my lonely moments.


I am freeing you to fly,
praying not to lose your compass
to find the way back
Praying to find a reason to return,
And praying to have the desire to stay.


K. H. D. Chandani.