Shahla Latifi

Strange Curiosity


 As a girl

With a strange curiosity

I watched my mother,

How she endured the drain of her beauty 


Her youth was so brief

Her life seemed meaningless

Beneath all her hushed whispers

Was the voice of a woman who preferred to be free


As a girl

With a restless voice

I could not scream

I could not cry aloud,

To grieve for the songbirds who suffered a sudden death


As a girl

Humming in the garden

I watched the caterpillars,

Transform into butterflies on the arms of ripe roses


As a girl

I saw stars illuminate the night

The rain, behind the window

The wind in the arms of a living evening

Carrying me away to unknown shores


As a girl

Every time I parted my lips to complaints

I would be in trouble


But still,

With love on my shoulders

Holding my head high

I stared far above the free stars


Shahla Latifi

October 1st, 2019