All is fair in Love and War

Sinking into you is something I find myself doing all too often.

If only you made this easier by being ignorant or oblivious.

Instead you wear the gentlemen well and I can never fault you for that.


But you started sinking into me first, it\'s as if you tricked me.

Slinking in the most subtle ways that I didn\'t even notice.


Or does this just in fact,

signify exactly how predictable I am?

Am I really so easy to figure out?


But then,

I cant be so simple.


After all,

it did take you years with no sudden movements,

no alarming sounds.

Looking back I am amazed at your diligence and unwavering patience.

Tell me,

do I even know you at all?


Or is it then that I am just so obliviously self absorbed that I really didn\'t notice our intimacy?

Our feelings that I wish I could flee from as they speak a truth not even I can say..

I\'m out of my element here and falling short on how to best you or even compete.


I see you running the table in this game we have been playing.

I sink more,

silenced in awe over your undeniable victory.



without a doubt hold the power

and I can\'t even be a poor loser.


I guess all is fair in Love and War.