Servant Sacrificed

Tune: Malvern

(one tune to \'Jesus where\'er thy people meet\')

1 Peter 2 v.21-25


Christ suffered for us, example

That we should follow, and recall

His life laid down, and paid the price

For our sins, it does full suffice


He did not sin, neither was guile

Found in His mouth, and no revile

He did not take up in return

Nor threaten with accusings stern


But when He suffered, committed

Himself to God, by Him e\'er led

He the One, judges righteously

Justice would be the outcome, see


Christ in His own self bore our sins

That we forgiven, cleansed within

May be by his atoning blood

His offering, a flowing flood


His life given upon the tree

The cross, He died for you and me

And rose again, He strong to save

His work, no less, His life He gave


That we then to sins being dead

Should hold to Him, our living Head

And so live unto righteousness

By His stripes we healed, we confess


For we were as sheep gone astray

But now has come salvation\'s day

For now we are returned unto

Shepherd, Bishop of our souls true