I follow every stride

Every twist, turn & place you hide

& I patiently wait

I shall stalk where you can’t detect

Be your shadow, attack when you can’t protect


Can’t let it go

Won’t let it drop

Felt every poisoned word

Your mouth just wouldn’t stop


Won’t let it go

Can’t let it drop

The wheels are in motion

Nothing will make them stop


I watch each move you take

Every turn, twist & mistake

& I eagerly wait

I shall attack when you least expect

Strip you of dignity, power & respect


So you thought you’d escape without a sound

So you thought I’d hide & go to ground

You thought you’d won this game

But this injustice runs way too deep

It pumps through my every artery & every vein

Waiting for revenge has pushed me to the edge of insane

But I have been patient, so very patient

& I now I intend to collect

I will take everything from you that you took from me

Every morsel & every fucking grain

I shall be the only judge

To decide when I am through with this grudge


© 2019 Unsub