Edward Charles McDevitt

Happy Thanksgiving?

Halloween is long past gone and Thanksgiving nearly here,

And I have very little to be thankful for this year.

Pressure from my siblings to settle my Mother\'s estate,

Perhaps if done legally, it wouldn\'t be in Probate.

Yet I was not involved in anything they did,

Trust me, I\'ll get justice or else, God forbid!

Hopefully we can settle things and not take this to court,

As you know with Probate, certain things you have to sort.

Not aware of things they did, locking me out of the house,

Kicked me in the ass and I felt like such a louse!

So I hired an attorney to help me with some things,

God only knows what happened to the Emerald and other rings.

I bought my Mother that Emerald ring and she wore it endlessly,

Viciously angry because as yet, I\'ve not been able to see.

I know a sibling has it and they have it just for spite,

Now I want it back and am willing for it to fight.

Guess you can see now why things aren\'t happy for me,

answers to the questions are the only things need be.