Zuzanna Musial

His Loving Art


When I look at the beautiful sky

every morning each day

when there is still no sun in the sky

what do I see...

there an enormous beauty

of the light at dawn

and then ‘the sun also raises’

while I wait for a few more minutes

and ponder at the bright light

looking at the glorified view

the beautiful creation

so bright.


Masterfully done by the hand of God

our beloved Lord, that I admire

and also His loving art

that he created for His people

however, often do not have the time

to see the beautiful colours\'

Nature in bloom, and the beautiful flowers

all that is there...the visual beauty

to admire and love... and I thank Him

for the love that God richly bestows

on everyone and everywhere

no matter the places where we live

the beauty of sunrise and sunsets

are visible to eyes



By Zuzanna Musial