When life was really child\'s play

Oh, the stress-free, carefree world of children
O\' take me back to the lil kids\' playpen

When we tried on mom\'s cosmetics and lipsticks
and built playhouses with plastic blocks and bricks
And had fun with cooking set picnics

Anything could be a toy
and our racket could annoy

We turned everything into play things
We played pretend queens and kings

We then played \'mom and dad\'
Oh the squealing fun we had!

Teasing, chasing hens and kittens
climbing the grumpy neighbour\'s fence.

There was paper airplanes
and frisking in the rains

Paper boats too were made
and hide\'n\'seek was played

And when that wasn\'t enough
we played blind man\'s bluff.

We nimbly climbed the trees
hair flailing in the breeze

But our child\'s play naturally mimicked the grownups
Lil plastic ones instead of real porcelain cups.

Life was all play and games
in our growing mental frames.

Sand castles and kites
childish fights and frights!

And kind parents just let them frisk and play
for all work and no play makes one a dull boy