Jane Frye

Foolishly Yours

I hung my dreams on a shooting star,
that burned out long before.
I believed the things you told me,
only to be fooled by words once more.
I pinned my hopes on promises,
made by a guarded heart.
I should have guessed that they were empty from their desperate start.
I made wishes on dandelion seeds, sending them blowing in the wind.
But, each seed had dreams of its own.
I missed the universe\'s joke once again.
I\'m old and jaded now.
A lifetime of dreams and hopes that have long ago faded,
is all that I have left for the pickpocket to take.
My heartbeats are numbered;
and a smile is hard to fake.
But, this much I know is true,
the loving promise I made to you...
I hung on, and I carried through.