Joker Green

A Friendly Side – Heavenly Signs

is there
as a companion
as a guide
as a treasure
as a symbolic light...of a Helping Hand.


is here
as a group
as a community
as a permanent home
as a place to go back to...when Feeling Lost.


is to be found
as another half of the self
as a source of personal comfort
as a standing pillar in own heart
as a treasure in own dream and reality...as a Personal Angel.


as a role model
as a guardian
as a protector
as a warrior...as well as a Leader in any situation.


as a protector
as a nurturer
as a martyr...to her children...and those who Will Come After Them.


as a reminder of Hope
as a memory of own Youth
as a imagination own Child
as a source of Creativity and Healing...for Everyone.


Everyone Here
is here
as a giver of Words
as a Bridge of Life
as a Healer Poet
as a Medium of Messages...of Their Own Knowledge and Experiences.


My Poetic Side (MPS)
come into existence
as a Place of Comfort
as a Home of Poets
as a Group of United Poets...in Life
as a World of Memories...Created through Communication, Poems, and Poets.


Blessings and Love,