Fear of Death

To overcome the fear of non-existing means to understand the fear of living
What good is life if you can\'t value death


the mindset of thoughts going away

To overcome death means understanding oneself and the body
So when I stand as death I\'ll be craving life as life crave me


Life saying to me

that as I understand how valuable I am I crave more,

that I\'ll be chasing her reaching out my hands

trying to overcome myself.


as Death I say to life

that you are beautiful


make so many smile

while many cry towards me.


it hurts over and over

that their existance disappears


Life holds my hand


tells me that is why they value me


because without me they would be soulless

lost and wandering away from their goals

the goals to overcome themselves


Life holds me closer with her arms

as I death looks in the distance


eyes closed withering away

smiling of acceptance of knowing

that I\'ll be forever


they\'ll make machines to live longer

virtual worlds to escape with their minds

store their brains where their souls hide


but in my reach I hold their hands with life

to make sure they value every moment they have


so don\'t be sad or frustrated

because you did the very best with us by your side


together we will be forever like

the very stardust that you are made off


only because we are gone



doesn\'t it mean we don\'t exist


because we are the ones

that took care of both your heart




Life and Death

Ambition and Motivation

Heart and Soul


because we stop

until you want to stop.