Next time I will swarm and be what was there
To be some how fate has been away, left my
Destiny behind for now time to become what
Was left undone restrung taught pitch perfect

This time reborn left the hive, alive feeling the
Vibe focused transfixed destination goal going
To swallow you whole this body eternal soul
Much to do first in line no time to queue

Right now, time to partake shake the tree by
The roots family values reconfigured thought 
About digested then ignored, exploring me
A leaf on the everlasting eternal tree

For now no one is more important than me
Gave my all before and was always ignored
Had an epiphany a resurgence inside am free
To be whole I have needed to shatter like
Broken delf and piece by piece reconfigured 

Next time, then this time, it is right now just
Became whole owned my goal complete time
To smile the journey looking back was worth
The pain, I may bend but shall never break.