dusk arising

torn but not forgotten

and where have you been
(i have been hiding)
(hiding deep inside myself)
why were you hiding
(so they don\'t see)
what is it you
dont want them to see
(i don\'t want them
to see the real me)
why not
(because it is better.
if i show my real self then
i will have to show
the pain i carry
and they will see my pain)
why do you want
to hide your pain from people
(because when i hide it
i can begin to live without it
but in the times
they see my pain
then i too see it
and it hurts inside me
my pains become refreshed
and it\'s harder to hide anew)
do you see pain in others
(i do not look beyond
the face before me)
do you think others
are concealing
their pain from you
(yes but just like you
they don\'t want to
let me see their pain either
because you know
it will tear at your face)

   (Do you want to see my torn face?....