Fay Slimm.

A Given Day.



A Given Day.


A well-loved Cornish lady would often say
when looking at winter\'s mackerel  sky
and pointing to sunrise - \"A given day
this be an\' oh what a gift for we to try
workin\' out why this morn appears not
a usual winter-clad day an\' be we glad
me dear young lassie that Heaven forgot
to settle our minds today on anything sad ?\"

Gentle old Rosie spoke quietly, muttering
long-held truths with eyes bred to smile 
           with belief that Heaven sent gifts of love          
                     in mild winter weather hidden for finding.                    
          She would bend to touch first shy blooms            
and stroking slowly state that God\'s sun
\"be blessin\' the faces o\' these early jewels 
this given today so look before they be gone.\"

Wisdom\'s words dear Rosie left me still stay   
as reminders to appreciate each\" given day\"