Black Sea

I think about telling you every day,

But it all catches in my throat.

All the exhaustion of chasing you

Away from a cold blacked haired girl.


I am exhausted from trying to show you

Your worth.

I can’t look you in the eye

Because I’m afraid I might melt.

That all this hard wax and silent flame

Will converge in my eyes

And I will cry.


But these tears won’t be 


Or clear

But bitter

And black;

Hating every moment I look down

Instead of up

Into your eyes

The ones whose black tears I cry.


You are my black sea

And I a ship that can’t seem to float;

So now I drown never seeing

What the moon looks like at night--


--Never knowing where Venus will rise

A wanderer like me

Trying to be brighter than 

That black haired girl

Who stole my black sea

And drank it dry.