The Talk


\"How many secrets can you keep?\"

Asks my sadness as she weeps
With a weak voice, my heart replies

\"Till I can no longer beat\"

With his trembling hands, he holds the door
He lets her in, then he lets it go

She sits in the dark and slowly grows


\"What\'s this pain, and where is hope?\"

Asks my heart with nowhere to go
With a painful voice, my sadness replies

\"Just keep it quiet, don\'t let me show \"


\'\' It\'s been a while, and I am beating slow
How much more can I hide, it\'s beginning to show
The words are quite, but the eyes don\'t glow
I am feeling weak, please let me go \'\'

Begs my heart as he cries

With a haunting voice, sadness replies,


I can\'t leave now, I am a part of you
Losing me, means losing you..