Salvation And Service

Tune: Offertorium

(\'When Jesus came to Jordan\')

1 Timothy 1 v.12-17


As Paul, so we thank Jesus

Who has enabled us

Counted us faithful to serve

\'Tis more than we deserve

He puts us in ministry

That we His servants be

Before we went other way

But now salvation\'s day


Some blasphemed, persecuted

Those who by Christ were led

Some insolent, would cause harm

To those who bring Christ\'s balm

Such did act ignorantly

In unbelief they be

But now Christ\'s light on them dawns

\'Tis their salvation\'s morns


Grace of our Lord exceeding

Is to each one pleading

Who repents, asks salvation

From each, any nation

Abundant with faith and love

To us, the Holy Dove

The person of the Spirit

He sends us, our way lit


This be a faithful saying

Worthy of accepting

That Christ Jesus came into

The world to make us new

To save sinners, who like Paul

May their words, deeds, recall

They without Christ may have been

Chief of sinners, but seen


Seen now Christ by faith, He King

Who does salvation bring

Immortal, invisible

Only wise God o\'er all

To Him be honour, glory

To endless ages be

For He did come to save, see

And has saved even me