November Breeze


Kiss me under the moonless night

Under that starless sky and tell me your stories of life

Hold me and tell me you feel the same

Strangers walking by could hear my heart pounding against my chest as I felt your arms around me

Kiss me under the sounds of planes ringing in our ear like nothing else matter

Hold me in front of of the calm riverbed as you read my poems with so much life in your eyes as you analyze them as if they were some puzzle you had to solve

Kiss me as your oversized jacket kept me warm from the November breeze

Lay your head on mine as I feel your gentle kiss against my hair

Hold my hand as I feel your other comb through my fine straight hair

Your hands in between mine as we walk through the empty streets as we exchange our past

See her eyes steal the stars as they twinkle as she feels your warm lips against hers

Once... twice.. three times..

watch her smile and feel her soul jump in content as you kiss her one more time before the night ends..