A Girl in Year Nine

I still remember the year everything fell apart,

Never even had a chance it was doomed from the start,

Just a little girl with hopes she could fly, 

Wings were broke when her dad said they were on the brink of goodbye, 


Life has hit her in the face and drained the dreams in her head,

But her walls so high no tears were able to be shed, 

With the odds stacked against her she wasn\'t even prepared, 

The news that came next she wish was never shared, 


Mama looked at her and said they\'d be alright, 

That little girl couldn\'t breathe suffocated with fright,

Days went by and she lost her laugh,

She was broken already and the year wasn\'t even at half, 


The sparkle in her eyes seemed to fade,

There\'s was nothing anyone can do to come to her aid, 

Everything was crumbling and falling down to her feet, 

This car was going off a cliff and all she could do is sit in the backseat, 


They got a call one night about the girls cousin, her best friend, 

A stolen church van brought her life to an end,

9 years old just as old as she, 

But their was never another day Alexis Silva would get to see, 


Everything hit her like a ton of bricks,

She feels as though this year has been thrown into a mix,

As she struggled to accept all that would be, 

She trudged though with the broken pieces of what could be and all she had seen,

But she made it through because here I am turning nineteen,