Arrive home.

The excitement you get when you anticipate a destination is truly fascinating.

Your mind wanders and imagines the possibilities of scenery
and you think about how beautiful everything could turn out to be
and what you imagine becomes what you expect.

But then you travel
back to the place you call home.
You already know what home looks like
which builds a familiarity with it.

You never get time to build an idea of what home looks like
nor do you get time to expect something.
You grow up with what you get
and there\'s nothing you can do about that.

So the possibilities of home are limited
to barely any.
In this case, it\'s the people who become the scenery.

Cherish the scenery as you would your own mind\'s garden.
All of the plants coming in different shapes and sizes
for you to hold close.

Don\'t let go of them.

Always arrive home once more.