kevin browne

I Can\'t Remember What...

I can\'t help remember what I\'ve been through
I can\'t quite remember why I\'ve cried over time
I don\'t know why my dreams never come true
If everyone keeps saying that everything\'s fine.

And when the world keeps the pressure going
Those times over tears bring back the solitary
For when the tormented persists that knowing
Have creased up the corner trying to hide me.

I can pray for every moment and of each day
Where illusions encircle the part of love I like
And, yes it\'s difficult to think that I should stay
When I\'m nearing the lowest I hide out of sight.

I feel the pain when the cut has cut my doubt
And I know that a beautiful life may lay ahead
Even after some who decided to shut me out
But, I swept the worries away by feeling dead.

And if you knew the troubles that I had caused
Everyone all around that found me precautious
For a momentary trauma called me in to pause
To reminisce over the times I fell for dangerous.

I know that the sunshine sometimes glistens
And life it throws away all the brightly glows
Or when the time arrives when nobody listens
To shut up my doors and that everyone knows.

I don\'t know why I always feel lonely or useless
I wonder about whatever will ever make it better
I\'ve buried my memories cause I feel so helpless
And maybe that\'s why I write a loving poetic letter.

Since that, times going now then, please don\'t go
I\'d like to think that the bad will soon be arranged
And when Heaven arrives I would sure like to know
If in the world outside my window will never change.

And if I trust in you will you ever comfortably fit in
Those windows of pain in which I saw my shadow
Or will you touch my heart and give up a deadly sin
As I head into Heaven or will I have to burn below.

And as sad as this may sound that to be written off
Off the life that starts to withdraw into sudden pain
And don\'t deal with what\'s left when it\'s been rough
For it to start all over again.