I Cant Believe We Just Met

We were destined to meet

i know that for a fact

but why the world took so long?

even i can’t answer that

It’s been over a year

a long time in some eyes

but it feels like i’ve know you for millions of lives


Your my perfect person

my best friend for life

no we aren’t lovers

but i love you more than life

High schools always ruff

but with you it ain’t tough


I know ill always have you

right there by my side

being my biggest fan

as i will be for you


can’t believe there was a time

when i didn’t know your name

still though you came

right into my life

and i couldn’t be more thankful

for such a perfect life


i can’t believe i just met you

but i wanna know you

till the end of time

and never stop talking


from the bottom of my heart

thank you

thank you for this life,

so from your best friend

i love you <3