The Girl

I looked up at her

I recognized her face

But I wasn\'t sure from where

She was crying

Tears streamed down her face

Her hair was a mess

Her makeup was smeared

Her hands were shaking and balled into fists

I saw her open her mouth 

And I heard her speak the words 

\"I hate you!\"

Shock ran through my veins


Why would she hate me?

Her eyes burned into mine

And they narrowed into tiny slits

I stared blankly at her, confused

\"Why me\"? I said out loud

\"You know exactly why. Don\'t play dumb with me.\" She replied

The Girl continued to stare at me, her gaze fixed 

And then it hit me, all at once like a ton of bricks collapsed down onto my heart

My chest felt tight and heavy

It became hard to breathe

I pointed at her, my finger shook, and I stuttered over my words


She nodded slowly, and her gaze finally left mine and fell to the floor

Then, barely audible, just above a whisper, I heard her say

\"I wish you loved me, Devorah. You are loved by many others, so why can\'t you love me?\"

Then she was silent

And I was left staring at her

My reflection in the mirror