Heart Broken

I wake in coldness
My feet unsure, on the floor
Stumble to bathroom, in a mess
In the mirror, I can see you covered in amore.
Fingerprints smother the pain
Always there, always you. 
Holding the wet sink, cover in my fallen rain
Hopes fill the room, wishing the reflection is true.
Inside I am crumpling, like a butterfly in a closing hand,
Still breathing but no air can get to my lungs. A heart full of pang,
suffocating in the hurt, doubled-over I cannot barely stand.
I want you, only you, my Dear and the sweet memories, onto I will hang.
Will stain my heart, forever. Same as the mascara dribbling down,
to the plug hole and disappear. Like my heart, like my dreams. 
I should never, put my trust in you, heart breaker clown
But, I love you. You would know, if you could only hear my screams