To Be Heard

Original Poem: To Be Heard

She just wanted love.
To be heard.
All she ever did was treat men like kings because she felt like that\'s what they deserved.
Looking in all the wrong places,
Blurred, but she never gave up and kept singing her song like a mockingbird.
Words slurred,
Drinking was the medicine that she prefered.
The way men treated her was absurd.
Her mind was stirred.
Men did this to her.
Looking at everything as a red flag.
Paying attention to every detail word for word.

Way too hard to find.
Someone could seem so perfect but still be playing with your mind.
All she wanted to do was be able to unwind,
To combine two hearts together was her effective outline,
She won’t ever except anyone into her heart,
She has now resigned.
But stays on her grind because being independent gives her a peace of mind.
She won’t ever let life put her behind,
In a world so unkind.
Anyone she ever loved left her behind.
She\'s alone because it\'s the only way she can avoid being so blind;
Won’t let anyone stop her.
People are slime.
Pushed her to the bottom line for the last time.
Try to stop her.
She is now living in her prime.

Her words are pure and modest.
Her presence is flawless,
Moves like a goddess.
No she isn’t a prophet.
One of the smallest,
But her personality makes her the tallest.
She will never back down on a promise;
Keep your secrets in her pocket.
Oh she is one of the strongest,
But for some reason drains herself like water running out of a faucet.
She keeps herself hiding in her closet,
and won’t let anyone in because people have treated her like a product
Like a prize in some kind of sick contest.
People are so toxic;
Thats been expressed.
She will do anything to prove she is better than the rest.
She is only focused on what\'s next.
The next step.
No one can stop her,.
She just wants that check.

Compliments taste like vinegar.
She wishes life would be simpler.
Refuses to ever let anyone ever control her.
Now her life has been put in a folder.
She has humbled herself as she got older.
No more looking over her shoulder.
Finally she has Closure.

She felt imprisoned.
Hidden to the world and now she has risen.
She’s not crazy, she is driven.
Keeps her distance because being around people makes her feel disassociated.
She has learned her lesson.
Don’t trust many.
So tired of the manipulation.
Finally fell into submission,
But not to people.
The new life that she has written.
She has created a new tradition to keep peace in life with no more violations.
She has transitioned into a beautiful woman with ambition.
No longer looking for permission.
This her decision, not a discussion.
There is finally grace in her heart,
She has forgiven.