The Magic Man

Walk on by, now. You had your fun,
You tried to get him again, but you could not!
Ruined his life AGAIN, there’s nothing else to be done,
you\'re selfish and greedy pigs, only interested in his money pot!
Weak trying to be strong, please do not give in,
Why don’t you know? He is the only angel on earth
Oh why can’t you see? He is trying to face everything with the grin.
Just you wait, get ready for the most spectacular rebirth,

He is coming back for good, just you wait! And see.
Pick on someone else for a change, for your SICK entertainment!!!
This time, this time around, oh please let him be!
Do you understand paparazzi stories are twisted and bent?
He is NOT bloody guilty, please respect that, please!
If you believe in the media, you are so CRUDE!!!!
All that he and his children been through, I wish them ease
Please leave him alone! Can’t you hear his cry? You are so rude!!

So, please walk on by, this entire crap!
He is going to break! Please, why don’t you stop now!
Can’t you see? He is in a better reality, there is a gap,
Can’t you stop being so ignorant? Please let him take a bow.
He is a gift from the heavens above, please let the pure magic spread!
Rarity of talent from a human, WOW!
It is unbelievable,
Are you one minded? Do you believe what you have read?
The Magic Man, he has set the new style table

Don’t give up, be strong and proud for what you done and what you are,
giving out your generoustiy and endless fun.
Like a bright, never ending, burning star.
With your aura, you out shine the sun

Don’t cry my hero, I am here!
It is literary tearing me to smithereens, it burdens my heart,
that you don’t know me, I will always be there
Shame on them! They have victimized you and slaughtered you apart,
you have not walked away! You given me strength & self-believe, to face up to life’s intimidating situations!

I am very privileged to tell the world that, you are my inspiration for LIFE!!
No matter what, you will be always in my heart, soul and in my imagination ………