Ethan Daniel

O Valiant Flame

Candle so bright burnt under the moonlight,

stand tall valiant flame beneath sapphire sky.

Cast a shadow of my heart to the stars

As stars burn bright under sapphire sky.


You the majestic wind that surrounds us

That grows and blows, in which the mighty fall.

But thou once cradled the flame of loving light.

But thou, once sheltered the pain with your might.

What changed thy dance?


The flame of my heart, the dance of the wind,

Once preformed together as one in unison.

One entity. One being. One heartbeat.

But now the wind roams free joyful at night

Never turning back to the lonely light.

The light’s shadow grows with my heart like ice..

Fearful and alone without the wind insight.


The once tall flame begins to hunch slowly

As it cries for the wind.

Silence. Darkness.

Rapidly the flame now diminishes.

Where art thou?

Without thy dance dear wind my light grows dim,

Without thy presence my light shall not bring.



For you were the one that cradled my light

Even when my spark did not blaze alight,

For you were the one that taught me not to fear the darkest nights,

And without you my little light will not fight.

Forgive me dear wind as my light has died.

I burnt alone waiting for your return

But I was no longer the one to keep you safe at night.


Thou changed thy dance and I no longer blaze at night.

Whilst I lay alone. Waiting. For your never return.

Your unrequited love, the light