Ethan Daniel

Crow of light

Crow that flys to and fro

Never sitting on the tree below,

Dark like the darkest night

But light with the wind insight.

Talons that capture my heart.

Eyes that pierce my soul.

Wings that engulf my life.

Come back and make me whole.



I a friend sat afar, once gazed in your glorious awe.

In your prominent flaws which fortified your beauty,

My heart you stole.

Oh friend of the night why don’t you return to the tree you call home?



One thousand and ninety five days before we were strangers below the night sky,

Till you heard my lonely call and came to the tree of light.

One thousand and ninety five days later bring us to now,

where you no longer acknowledge my cry.

One thousand and ninety five days to the future,

we’ll be nothing but strangers with memories of better days.


How I wish I could bring down the sky

So that you and I could be together one more time.

But change is inevitable.

My love for you dear crow is endless,

if you return or not I shall no longer cry.

Instead I shall wait by the tree each night waiting for my bestfriend the crow to be my light.