Billie Eilish

As a young female she should know her place right?
She is only allowed to prance around wearing nothing but a smile singing about her love for dick and all things shiny, right?

How dare she talk about her struggles with mental health. How dare she admit to suffering depression and having tourettes. How dare she even try to make people more accepting!

But that\'s the problem, isnt it,

It\'s okay to say your headaches
But not your heart
It\'s okay to say your foots saw
But not your wrists
It\'s okay to be colour blind
But not to only see darkness

But imagine someone challenged it
Spoke up
Said how the rest of us feel
Imagine they made us feel like we mattered
And that we aren\'t the only ones to feel this way

Talking about depression
Doesnt cause others to be that way
Normalising mental health issues
Doesn\'t make them trendy
It makes us feel heard.

She speaks on our behalf
She speaks up for the people
Who need speaking up for
She gives us hope
That maybe one day
Our darkness can be accepted
In a world full of fake light.