Apologies to my Sons

Apologies to my sons for the mother I was

Fearful and confused wading through

My journey and battles with you

My valiant soldiers struggling toe to toe

Sometimes the casualties of my cluelessness 

Ingenuously following wherever I led.


Apologies to my sons, looking at me for direction

When I knew not where I was

With my heart as my compass, and dreams in my head

Stubbornness in my soul and determination in my spirit

I followed where they led, crippling decisions, sorrowful soul

Blissful spirit along unchartered paths of my life


Gratitude to the Creator for the men you have become

Thoughtful, core kindness, truthfulness to yourselves

Honourable to all creation, gentle souls

Stand firm my valiant soldiers, as you serve

Country and men, continue to use love as your compass

Goodness as your shield and Christ as your model