Adam Shirley

A Consolation

I smashed all the windows, 

and threw out picture in the shore.

I will love you just the same--

but it does not make sense anymore. 


I will hold you dear so tightly,

and send my love inside your core.

My darling, I\'ve fallen in love

but the love that I\'ve fallen is not yours anymore.


When I first held you it felt like youth,

and we were back a year or two.

But now I lust for something new--

and it does not make sense to be with you.


As unfortunate as it sounds. 

I think you feel the same,

Our words are vacant, 

and our bond is less than the tamed-

tiger that tires through the terrain, while tired,

because all that are left are intertwined wires that leave her no desire to rekindle this fire. 


I leave you dear so lightly. 

I will continue to send my love inside your core.

And although we once fell in love. 

It was a love that will never make sense anymore.