stuck with endless over\'s

Doesn\'t speaking feel exhausting?

and you hear yourself talking, about how the last time you walked in, she walked out.

if it was the silence that spoke more then

we would end up listening to our thoughts

which scream louder in your mind when you got that divorce.

maybe you needed to tell, exes are a learned lesson, not a life sentence.

it hurts to hear your heart stressing, to hang onto someone who doesn\'t think of you for a second and the number of times you were downing that poison to poison your depression.

you cant decide if these memories are the only thing that left after it sinks in that you\'re haunted by the past, and dead in the present.

you give the women this good \'impression\', and matters seem less pressing when you don\'t say you have kids and pretend to keep forgetting.

you never forgot about how your problems were impressing, being hard done by really makes women feel like you need caressing.

maybe you were only messing every time you shrugged your shoulder and every time you couldn\'t meet us and be sober

that it was funny to drive us home when your limit was over

figuratively speaking, all you\'ve ever sold us is false hope

we bought into your stupidity and now I hide behind sad eyes and what\'s left of my dignity.

maybe you\'re the addict and she\'s the sick in me.