Shahla Latifi

Empty of Love


 I am afraid one day

When the time is perfectly still

When your heart is empty of love

When you are the saddest of beings

You will agonize me


Swiftly in your imagination

True in your heart

Without exploding in anger

The star of my memories will escape your heart



Every second

Then and tomorrow

You’ll close your tired eyes

With the memories of your heart touching mine



I’m afraid one day

On a gloomy fall evening

Or in the light of a spring day

In the midst of a summer night

Or on a cold winter Sunday

Your wishful heart will hear the news of me passing



Your lips still sealed

Your heart full of secrets,


With no stop,

With traces of my voice in your ears,

With the moon of my presence in your window,

You will cry yourself into a very deep sleep


Shahla Latifi

March, 1st 2020