The Dead Danced at Midnight

                                 The Dead Danced at Midnight

                           By: Michael Vanderhoof


        So very young and very poor two siblings left abandoned,

A life not well, and all too sad, this fate that they were handed.

Just as all was looking grim, two kindly strangers took them in.

A brand-new life, a fresh new start, is where the story will begin.


As time goes on, the children grew, and a family they became,

Life was so much better now, but it would never be the same.

Their parents gone, is all they knew, not much do they remember.

The tragedy, and the darkness, of that lonely cold December.


Through dreams and many nightmares, is a story wanting told,

About that night, and all the fright, it is starting to unfold.

That what they saw was awful, and unfortunately so true.

Their parents slain before their eyes, and nothing they could do.


The veil is finally lifting, that the memories have inspired,

A vicious crime, before their eyes, two strangers had conspired.

To rid them of their parents, and pretend that they are saviors,

A sinful lust for money, can cause much cruel behaviors.


Now that all is holding true, a vengeance now is yearning,

Blissfulness, had hid the facts, is what they now are learning.

Then one night the hour late, as the moon was full and bright,

The siblings fulfilled an evil plan, to try and set things right.


Two voices carried loudly, the most fictitious cries of pain,

The strangers came so willingly, not knowing they’d be slain.

The daggers flew relentlessly, by both, the plan completed,

Bodies lay beneath their feet, as the two are now defeated.


The happiness now embraced them, as the killing now is done,

A debt that needed payment, and the plan was too much fun.

Once more they have succeeded, in the dreamscape of their mind

A crime they both invented, another clue you will not find.


And so, the most malicious acts, once more have been repeated,

With shallow hearts, and spineless souls, an evil so deep-seeded.

Some say the moonlight shadows, can sometimes trick the eyes,

The siblings danced with corpses, as the moonlight filled the skies.