New Silver Moon

I write to you from here, from the edge of my thoughts,

they kidnapped the moon and between my fingers

remains the taste of memories.


I don\'t know where you are nor if your star is still as sad

as when I met you; I don\'t know whether your clear eyes

are still dark because of pain or for fear that pain

might be unchanging, eternal.


I hope not. It\'s true: I didn\'t take leave sweetly from you,

my honey had gone black and bitter when you chose to leave me

like a cold tombstone in the rain, but no, I don\'t hate you

anymore: I want life to think twice before piercing you

and I want your time to expand into years of ambrosia.


As for me, I\'m here. If you should feel the taste of memories,

you\'ll be welcome: I\'ll be ready with a heart (patched, but alive)

and a new silver moon.