Self quarantined misanthrope pitched into purgatory wham!

Ably cane resign eternal damnation (mine)

courtesy devil specially engraved telegram

prestidigitation found me vanishing shazam,

without a trace I disappeared in thin air voila

Earthly travails atop horns of dilemma ram

into me buttucks pitching yours truly ma\'am

hoisted by my own petard sheepishly wool

ewe (red dully) bull heave human bug eyed

recalcitrant specimen (me) nonetheless lamb

basted skewered (think shish kabob) log jam

succinctly described helplessness to preserve

ultimately repurposed into green eggs and ham

harmless recluse no more valuable than flotsam.


Grant simple wish to withdraw into hermitage

coronavirus (COVID-19) just desserts we wage

us Homo sapiens on trial across web world stage

severely misappropriating Earthly resources rage

understandable Gaia she pointedly reminds adage

inescapable comeuppance whereby our civilization


written off as atrocious, hellacious, malicious, page

poisonous primates essentially, dismally, yes clearly

bollixed, failed, leveraged, & tortured planet I gauge

hell in a handbasket ironic tragicomic fate wise sage

of yesteryear did prognosticate now we scurry hither

and yon, to and fro Smashing Pumpkins immortalize

metaphor likened each one of us as rat locked in cage

bajillion eons ago once upon a time our noble savage

ancestors levels playing field now new bacteriophage

relentlessly pits twenty first century civilization doles

microscopic organism (battling unseen enemy) voyage

around sun fraught tooth and nail powder milk biscuits


a Prairie Home Companion ruse buzzfeeding courage

for shy people (yours truly) communicating message,

albeit urgent to revamp paradigm to live social - nsync

with eco friendly coda allowing, enabling, & providing

liberty and justice for all living (colorful) things hostage

at mercy of self proclaimed superior beasts above average

with intelligence, yet rendering oblate spheroid garbage.

No major inconvenience incapacitates rather humdrum

bard (rarely bored), I wanna pitch headlong into scrum

no need to scream and shout, cuz I speak softly to mum

(Mother Earth) reassuring, she inevitably bests hoodlum

standing arrogant, boastful, deceitful comfortably numb

oblivious when day of reckoning delivers offal maelstrom.