Excitement awaiting a thunderstorm...

Early morning April 8th, 2020

meteorologic destiny manifested...

rumbling atmospheric thuds,

promised natural exultant

sound and light show

subsequently within minutes

dully rightly appraised as dud,


yours truly forced himself awake

way before dawn\'s early light

all for naught, yet...

thus hours later summoned,

perhaps lame poetic material

(think) potential Earth shaking

literary cause not lost

expressing disappointment

\'pon absent dramatic booming anticipation,

electrifying fascination, injecting glorification

atavistic beastie boy within me

awed, charged, fascinated, jarred,

witnessing (i.e. seeing and hearing)

humbling experience beholding

dynamic latent forces unleashed

intense earsplitting, blinding

spectacular singular sensational

magnificent natural phenomena

far surpassing, née dwarfing

extravagant pyrotechnics wrought

courtesy innovative Homo sapiens.


Time and again

without fail - exuberant delight

always gushes forth,

no fanfare for

totally tubular common man,

whose feeble insignificant powers

laughable and lamentable


puny human specimen

easily flicked (think

humongous sized fingers

particularly middle digit)

sending me airborn

pirouetting head over heels

at mercy of Mother Nature\'s whims

among brethren and sistren

constituting fray\'n chipped

foo fighting ship of

motley crew zing fools

metaphorical human league

bajillion Homo sapiens

even if/when global

standing military combined

be they: armies, marines,

navies... fighting force

nope, still no match

against tectonic and volcanic

potential and/or kinetic energy.