Silver lining sought amidst coronavirus COVID-19 onslaught

Two hundred and forty six plus months

into twenty first century celeb

and anonymous folks alike

gripped courtesy pestilence re: deb

buckle fishtailed, looped, roughed up...

wreaks/wrought havoc across world wide web.


As a secular humanist, I ponder

what (if any) benefit accrued

above any commentary,

yours truly applauds every first responder

as dazed and befuddled stricken wonder...


Explanation, whereby those

espousing religious bent

might attribute global pandemic

moost definitely Earth shaking event

particularly raining down

upon Homo sapiens with merciless intent

indiscriminately mowing down,

perhaps... (albeit figuratively) meant

as object lesson... benignly to rent

asunder excessiveness smugness

that doth xcent...


Persons who don egotism

also dare trumpet

absolutism, despotism, elitism,

nepotism, sycophantism, vigilantism...


green lighting (within

red light district) strumpet

paying top dollar to secure former

in league with costliest, sweetist,

and tastiest crumpet.


Virtue and/or admirable human behavior

discerned amidst helter skelter

as moost every sequestered behind closed door

ooh, how challenging for parent(s)


to occupy child less than four

impossible mission to explain hoar

roar to the smartest kid, who
most often focuses on self de jure


nevertheless prime opportunity

hashing-tagging, learning, sharing...

genealogical folk-lore

more (most) challenging

busying young adults

thank dog me two daughters grown more


independent (at ages 21 and 23 respectively),

versus yours truly

when he still lived at home

with his papa and mama

yearning to live alone

on island paradise way offshore.


I spent interminable and unaccountable

time hermetically sealed within bedroom

imagination roaming courtesy

reading material delving,

futilely escaping doom,


nonetheless luxuriating, plunging... foredoom

think wrath of livid mama and papa,

their embarrassing genetic heirloom

sole son with more\'n faulty jibboom

upon me ship of state,

where dark shadows still loom.


Though booth progeny of mine

spared similar fate, and youngest

(behaviorally challenged, perhaps

influenced courtesy Aquarius sign

regarding developmental delay)

while she on furlough


(considered valuable employee

walks along straight dedicated line

at World Market - Bend, Oregon)

these days... motivates

herself walking off calories

after self prepared hearty repast,

she doth dine.