I will be back

You believe this life is enough for you

I tried, but it is not enough for me

I want that cake and eat it too

Be as happy as I can be

I need excitement and danger now

Flying high, putting myself out there

Not caring at all when where and how

And you’re right, it isn’t fair


They tell me I should retire soon

Enjoy the few years that remain

But I want to dance to a different tune

Drive wildly on the fastest lane

Disregard what is safe to play

Golf and bridge are not my game

I might settle down another day

To do it now would be a shame


Life has so much more in store

Adventures I don’t want to miss

I am a bird and want to soar

Live in happiness and bliss

Venture outside my comfort zone

Even try to live on razor’s edge

All this I have to do alone

But I will be back, I pledge